• Fawwara
  • Mgarr ix-Xini
  • Ramla l-Hamra
  • Ta' Ghammar & Ta' Pinu shrine
  • Dingli Cliffs
  • Dingli village and parish church
  • Tal-Kus, Xewkija
  • Xlendi
  • Thyme garigue
  • Mgarr harbour
  • Honoq bay
  • Maltese cliffs
  • Imgiebah area
  • Mgarr ix-Xini
  • Hondoq ir-Rummien
  • Clay slopes
  • Ta Riefnu
  • San Blas
  • Xewkija
  • The flora
  • Chadwick Lakes
  • Ghar Lapsi
  • Zebbug
  • Mistra rocks

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INTRODUCTION: Backed with 10 years of experience, MaltaNatureTours.com specializes in organising guided nature walks in Malta and Gozo. Identification and information about the biodiversity encountered is supplied in all tours. Small groups guarantee personal attention and a unique experience of the fantastic Maltese natural habitats. During these years, experience made these tours having the right balance of fun, education, non-exhaustive exercise, site seeing, plenty of magnificent views and with a touch of history in the safest and best countryside areas in the Maltese islands.

MISSION: During the last decades the environment became endangered due to lack of awareness, growing urbanisation and land development. Our mission is to promote education, awareness and encourage protection by exposing the richness and serenity of these natural habitats. Major profits from these tours are directed to financially support non funded environmental activities and websites needed to raise such awareness about the importance of our environment. Nevertheless, our satisfaction is to tour you around some remote natural places away from touristic traffic to explore and enjoy the rich biodiversity and beautiful natural habitats of the Maltese islands

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Some wild flowers accompany our tours (from www.MaltaWildPlants.com):

Tailor-made private tour in Gozo

We also offer tailor made and escort tours for a maximum of 4 persons (eg family or couples) which involves the continuous use of an air-conditioned car along the most beautiful parts of Gozo. The cost will cover all transport fees including car transport from and to your hotel in Malta, transport during Gozo and ferry charges. In this type of private tour, you can decide where to go upon your request at your own time and pace, or leave within the hands of your guide. The guide knows the island inside out and can take you to spots where other commercial tours cant have access with their bulky coaches.


Being a private tour, you can enjoy visiting beautiful locations over Gozo away from tourist crowds with just a little bit more of the standard price. You will save time on long walks, avoid hectic driving and bus queuing, and save money on cheeky taxis. The tour moves according to your tastes and pace.


Service available all year round :- Autumn, Winter, Spring ideal for countryside excursions ; Spring-Summer for bathing. Dates available upon your request. In Summer you can visit the 4 major sandy/rock beaches of Gozo , including unknown beaches to the public!! One baby car seat/carrier available in car at no extra cost.

Please email for further details and prices which change according season.

In a nut shell:

  • Transport from and to your hotel / residence in Malta
  • Tour duration c. 10hrs.
  • Enjoy Gozo at your own privacy or with your partner of close friends (max 4).
  • You are free to choose yourself all Gozitan sites you would like to visit. The tour is planned according your taste. (you may also include 'out-of-the-norm' places such as churches, beaches, museums, shops, markets, residences, etc.!) We take you anywhere in Gozo as far it is a safe place.
  • Nature walks at your request in any site suitable.
  • Choose yourself how long you want to stay in a particular site depending how much you like it.
  • Take your time to take video footages or photos - no rush!
  • Car service during the entire tour (no mileage)
  • No queuing at bus stops.
  • No cheeky taxis.
  • Personal attention given - Not one of 25-40 tourists in a crowded coach.
  • Guided tour leaders expert on biodiversity and natural sites.
  • Tour leader expert in local flora and bio-diversity and knows Gozo inside out
  • Experience the best natural sites of Gozo that are not accessible by bulky coaches or known only by our tour leaders.
  • Baby car seat available on demand.
  • For elderly or disabled, one can opt for a round trip around Gozo in the car.
  • Midday lunch - you can choose from any restaurant in Gozo according to your pocket and taste. (usually we recommend to bring your own food or take our picnic-style local bread with tomato paste, local vegs and seasoning)
  • Best prices and value for money for an unforgettable day at Gozo.

Email us on help@maltanaturetours.com for any requets, booking planning, prices and further info.

Mlata Walks in Nature - Gozo

Snapshots from Gozo:

Characteristic colourful countryside in late winter and spring in Gozo.

Turquise shores scattered along the coast of Gozo.

Colourful shores assures a delightful breezy walk.

Natural rock erosion in the relatively soft Globigerina limestone, the layer of rock from building blocks is made.

Agriculture relics, rubble walls and old agriculture store rooms scattered along the countryside paths

Large boulders made of upper coraline limestone.

Typical countryside views from the island of Gozo.

Large caves along cliff edges and shores are frequent.

The natural sound of waves splashing against the rock is just relaxing.

Fantastic landscape near the shoreline of North of Gozo

Pebbles and prehistoric fossils embedded in rock close to some shores such as Dwejra.

The inland sea and its ominous grotto. At a gland it looks like a lake, but there are no lakes or rivers on the Maltese islands

High steep cliffs at the northern coast of the island

Eye-cathing patterns of the traditional salt pans at Qbajjar.

Some places in Gozo offers fields, countryside, valleys and garigue with different type of wild plants and fauna.

Valleys passing through hills or rocky escarpments adorned with a wide array of wild plants or agricultural areas.

Ramla Hamra Bay, claimed as the 3rd most beautiful beach in Europe

Mgarr Harbour from Nadur.

The old fortified city of Citadella built on a cliff top. It's history dates backfrom the Phoenicians.

Gozo is by far more green than Malta. Its numerous hills creates spectacular valleys and water courses.

Gozo in Summer, as expected, much more dry and in brown hues.

Ramla Hamra bay unpopulated in Winter and Spring, but not so in Summer.

Historical watch towers lining the coast if the islands and used as beacons.

Impressive cliffs harbouring rupestral shrubs. Several types of birds including the Blue Rock Trush (national bird), turtle doves and seagulls live on cliff faces.

Large caves hewn naturally in rock faces and overlooking the picturesque Ramla Bay.

High cliff terraces and hill-tops offering spectacular landscape.

The natural Azure window, one of Gozo's main attractions.

Plenty of catholic churches adorns the islands Gozo.

Photo taken from a high hill opposite the Basilika of Ta' Pinu Shrine in the suburbs of the small western village of Gharb


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I book this tour?

You make your reservation from the contacts page [click here] either by writing an email or by filling the online form. We correspond back with you. If you are in Malta and do not have an internet access, you can phone (20c/min) or sms (2c/sms) on our helpdesk mobile phone and tell us your name/hotel room and hotel accommodation, then we phone you back. There is no obligation upon making a reservation, unless you order coach transport from us (in that case there is a deposit fee)

Q: If I take the bus option and I get late or lost?

The bus routes in Malta are far more simple than rest of Europe/US and the [bus guide] provided on the website makes life so easy that it is impossible to get lost (unless you fall asleep in the bus!) In case of delays of few couple of minutes, please phone the excursion leader from the Xemxija Fire Brigade Department (just at the meeting spot) for a feasible solution.

Q: What if it rains in the middle of the excursion?

It's still nice :-) unless you forget a light waterproof jacket and/or boots. Please have a look in the morning at the local weather forecast. (also on TV teletext of your hotel). The forecast of the day is quite accurate. If it gets impossible during the tour, we stop till the restaurant (half way) and you get half the money back.

Q: Can the tour be cancelled?

Yes in very difficult weather conditions (storms, ice hail or extreme wind) the tour is cancelled, or better to say postponed to the next date. In such rare cases, you will be informed at your hotel or own phone number early morning.

Q: I am old and not physically active, shall I come?

Although it is mostly plain walking, there are some elevated slopes that one should consider, and perhaps it is safer not to risk if you know that you have such fatigue trouble. Please bear in mind that we cannot nurse people who get too much tired quickly, as it will ruin the fun and value of the others. Despite this, the walk has several mini breaks and discussions stops about Maltese nature, so it is not a marathon sort of thing.

Q: What are the prices of the tour

Please contact us as soon as possible since from last year, the prices vary according group size, transport conditions and season of the year, making it overall cheaper from the previous years! Typically Prices are 24Euro per adult but can vary slightly. For example large groups tend to have discounted prices and an extra guide from MTA.

Q: Is there any lunch included

During these type of nature walks, it is not always possible to find a restaurant on the track, so lunch is always taken outdoors (picnic-style). You can bring your own food with you or else for an extra 5 Euro you will be served our maltese-style lunch.

Tourist Feedback

Katja, Germany

What a lovely day we had at Gozo thanks to the well-organised tour-leader. We have been to a number of new sites that are pretty away from the normal touristic route. We loved the Mgarr ix-Xini and the Azure Window, but most the Sanap Cliffs. Such a marvelous view!! But also Mixta Cave was a place we would have never been without Steve. Thanks again for that lovely day. With regards the Dingli and Buskett Tour, I can say that the Buskett Garden is such a nice area and so different to the rest of Malta. We learnt so much about the endemic plants. Also Dingli Cliffs are always worth to be visited. It's a recommendable trip. I also opted for the Mistra tour which was a very nice walk along the coast along Mistra Bay. We saw a lot of different flowers, buildings from Punic times. Even the british ruins from world war II were very interesting. We saw a lot of places and things we didn't see on our other holidays in Malta.

May 2013

Roger, Linda, Mark and Stacey UK

We took a break from the city attractions of Malta and went for the Mgarr ix-Xini walk in Gozo. Your island is blessed to have such sunny days in winter. The walk was fantastic and the guide knew everything we asked. The route was circular so we had not walked the same path on our way back. It was adorned with spectacular views close to the coast and the unfinished fortifications of Shambray. We have been to a small shingle bay at the mouth of a rocky valley (i wished to have a little swim, but the water was too cold), an old defence tower and walked through an olive grove with plenty of wild flowers. I and my friend will try another nature tour when we are back to Malta as it was above our expectations and reasonably cheap.

Mar 2013

Julian and Erica. USA

We selected the private Gozo tour to stay on our own and that was a great idea. We could travel wherever we liked to and stay as long as we wished without any rush. The huge cave over the beach was impressive. The guide did an excellent job and offered for free overtime hours since we were enjoying Gozo so much. Tips well deserved Steven, thank you for making another unforgettable day in our honeymoon trip in Malta and Italy. PS- I just hated to see those men catching birds in small cages - so cruel practice.

Oct 2009

Anna and Yuri, Moscow

The private tour in Gozo was the best day for our Honeymoon vacation in Malta. Affordable, relaxing and friendly escort leader. Pity it could not be extended to 2 days. I will tell my friends how interesting Malta is.

Dec 2008

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