• Fawwara
  • Mgarr ix-Xini
  • Ramla l-Hamra
  • Ta' Ghammar & Ta' Pinu shrine
  • Dingli Cliffs
  • Dingli village and parish church
  • Tal-Kus, Xewkija
  • Xlendi
  • Thyme garigue
  • Mgarr harbour
  • Honoq bay
  • Maltese cliffs
  • Imgiebah area
  • Mgarr ix-Xini
  • Hondoq ir-Rummien
  • Clay slopes
  • Ta Riefnu
  • San Blas
  • Xewkija
  • The flora
  • Chadwick Lakes
  • Ghar Lapsi
  • Zebbug
  • Mistra rocks

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Highlights of Malta Nature Tours
  • 10 years experience
  • Best and safe countryside areas
  • Qualified and friendly guides
  • Small groups
  • Transport included
  • Maltese picnic lunch


INTRODUCTION: Backed with 10 years of experience, MaltaNatureTours.com specializes in organising guided nature walks in Malta and Gozo. Identification and information about the biodiversity encountered is supplied in all tours. Small groups guarantee personal attention and a unique experience of the fantastic Maltese natural habitats. During these years, experience made these tours having the right balance of fun, education, non-exhaustive exercise, site seeing, plenty of magnificent views and with a touch of history in the safest and best countryside areas in the Maltese islands.

MISSION: During the last decades the environment became endangered due to lack of awareness, growing urbanisation and land development. Our mission is to promote education, awareness and encourage protection by exposing the richness and serenity of these natural habitats. Major profits from these tours are directed to financially support non funded environmental activities and websites needed to raise such awareness about the importance of our environment. Nevertheless, our satisfaction is to tour you around some remote natural places away from touristic traffic to explore and enjoy the rich biodiversity and beautiful natural habitats of the Maltese islands

  • Prices of tours vary considerably depending group size, season, type of tour, inclusion of lunch, transport, etc.
  • For a quote, contact us and include relevant details.
  • Please note that these tours do not operate in the Summer (Jul-Sep) as it is too hot. However, you can still contact us to discuss the small possibility of a tour in Summer.

Full details about our organised tours are provided below. More interesting tours around Malta will be included in future updates. Please contact us if you wish to have a biodiversity or nature tour at a particular site in Malta that is not covered below.

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Some wild flowers that accompany our tours in Malta

thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers
thumbnail of wild flowers

Photos of Wild flowers
taken from our Malta and Gozo

List of Provided Tours or Services

Tour 01

Mistra / Selmun Tour (North of Malta)

  1. Full day Tour (7 hrs)
  2. Season: 15 Oct - 31 May
  3. Meeting place: Xemxija Fire Brigade
  4. Lunch: Picnic or Restaurant
  5. Difficulty Level: Moderate-easy to Moderate

Tour 02

Buskett / Dingli / Fawwara (SW of Malta)

  1. Full day Tour (7hrs)
  2. Season: 15 Oct - 15 Jun
  3. Meeting place: Verdala Palace (doorway gate)
  4. Lunch: Picnic
  5. Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate-easy

Tour 03

Chadwick Lakes (Central/West Malta)

  1. Full day Tour (7hrs) incl. Bingemma & Victoria lines
  2. Season: 15 Oct - 15 Jun
  3. Meeting place: Chadwick Lakes (bridge to Mtarfa)
  4. Lunch: Picnic
  5. Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate-easy

Tour 04

Zurrieq / Qrendi (South of Malta)

  1. Half day Tour (3-4hrs)
  2. Season: 15 Nov - 15 Jun
  3. Meeting place: Hagar Qim Temples
  4. Visit to Temples optional
  5. Difficulty level: Easy

Tour 05

Mgarr ix-Xini (Gozo)

  1. Full day Tour (7 hrs)
  2. Season: 1 Nov - 31 May
  3. Meeting place: Mgarr ix-Xini
  4. Lunch: Picnic (sometimes Restaurant too)
  5. Transport by bus not possible
  6. Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

Tour 06

The paradise island of Gozo

  1. Tailor made private tours for up to 4 persons (9-10hrs!)
  2. Meeting place: Your hotel / Residence
  3. Season: Sep-Jun

Private Tour

Botanical Research in Malta

  1. Full day tour for botanists or flora researchers
  2. Season: Oct-May
  3. Full day transport including transfers from/to Hotel
  4. Also available for one person (at extra cost)

Selected comments left by Tourists who came to one of our tours


Karl Renz and family / Deutschland

We came 'unexpected' to Malta in November after winning 2 tickets and I was afraid that there is not much to see in this out-of-season period. Apart Valletta and Mdina, the nature walk provided by Steve was a beautiful surprise, because while in Munich nature is dying away, in Malta it is the start. The weather was warm and sunny (in November) and the Mista tour was perfect in all senses - views, info, biodiversity, excercise and a careful good guide. For the very first time my children enjoyed a tour thanks also to the fact that it was flexible and stopped often for them to take photos, rest or play around. My wife was impressed by the size and taste of the bread included in the tour. I look foward to visit Malta again some time in Spring when the nature is at its peak. Very satisfied all of us.

Team "birthday present" from France/Germany/Switzerland/Ireland

With a few friends we did the botanical research tour. It was really a great experience. The guide was really kind, friendly and he knew a lot ! It was really flexible and relaxed, the guide adapted the tour completely on our request and demands. Beautiful views, precise explications, interesting stories......just great :) Thanks.

Bill Barlow, United Kingdom

Thank you for all the patience you have taken with me and all the plant identifications. I was amazed about the biodiversity of the islands. It was not difficult to book a second tour from you during my 2 week stay on the islands after the excellent tour you have given me in Buskett / Fauwara / Dingli area. Hopefully we meet again next year.

Robin, The netherlands

I will never forget this walk in the countryside of Malta. In one day I have seen plenty of spectacular wild flowers (the daffodil was my best), beautiful coastal areas some 100m above sea level, learnt some history of the Maltese islands, seen a World War II embankment, got a nice tan, and probably lost some weight! Congratulations to Malta Nature Tours.

US Science Academy Group

Steve, you really showed us wonderful sites in Malta and gozo, and were amazed by the natural highlights of your country. We pass a good word about your service at the Academy for future services. Well done.

Dean Gugler and Fleur-Ange Lamothe, Canada

Read their letter on Sunday Times of Malta: [click here]

Olaf and Niklas, Stockholm

Malta is really nice, and this selected area is probably one of the best on the islands. What made the tour superior from others was the tour leader who knows a little of everything and a lot on wild flowers and geography. He also helped me to take some great photos from his keen knowledge on photography and kept us all motivated with his cheerful and explorative manner. There should be more different tours when I come next year!

Patricia Johnson, UK

If I was rich I would buy a farm house in Mistra as I really liked the views and landscape+seascape. I did not know that there are so much different flowers on a small island, including one named for my country (England). The up-slope was quite tough, but rewarded by the views and daffodil fragrance.

You can read other comments in the comments page

(if you have joined one of our tours you are kindly asked for your feedback)

Malta and the four seasons

Malta has a Mediterranean sub tropical climate, meaning that it has mild and sometimes rainy winters with hot and very dry summers. The climate is divided quite obviously into just these two seasons; the winter does not get very cold and snow is exceptionally rare. From December to March, temperatures average at around twelve to thirteen degrees centigrade. The summer months can get to over thirty degrees centigrade in July and August. The kinder temperatures around October, November, May and April, when it is also still quite dry, provide in between temperatures which are an ideal setting to visit Malta with the purpose of walking.

It is possible to see more of Malta on your visit through different walking tours which are available seasonally. It is not generally a good idea to go walking in July and August in Malta due to soaring temperatures which make it difficult and even dangerous. Walking tours generally start around October or November and continue running until May or June in order to avoid the blistering heat of the mid-summer months. Half day or full day tours of Malta will give you an extended insight into the beautiful country, delivering a different perspective on the geography and habitat and allowing you to get close up to some amazing flora and fauna as well as wildlife which is supported by this Mediterranean archipelago.

You can walk and explore the north, south west, central/west and south parts of Malta island and also day drip to the paradise island of Gozo for yet more stunning views. Walking tours can be adapted for children and also for the more knowledgeable, with nature walks specifically for those with botanical interests.

A great way to get around the island and see all the different corners of its fantastic outdoors, is by hiring a car. There are plenty of road trips you can take and the more confident and experienced walkers might appreciate this independence. Being able to get as far out into the wilderness as you please for your own ramblings can be a great advantage. You can be free to choose from the beautiful island`s leafy scenes in land, or its stunning coastline. The conveniences of having a hire car on your holiday are also practical ones which speak for themselves, such as being able to pick up and drop off yourself at the airport, savings on transport, not to mention the freedom to adventure as you please. With a car hire from many airports, you can pick the resort or area you would like to stay in Malta, yet not be confined by it when it comes to your need for adventuring and discovering the nature of Gozo and Malta on foot.